Nicokick is ready for Black Week

One of the most important weeks in e-commerce is just around the corner. We take a closer look at how Nicokick is preparing for Black Week. Black Friday grew into Black Week and became one of the most crucial periods of the year for e-commerce. Pouch Perfect checked in with Nicokick ahead of this intensive week.

A busy week for customer service

Annelie Berg, Customer Service Manager, is prepared for a really busy week.
– This is of course an intensive week at customer service, many of our customers contact us regarding product questions and order/delivery questions. We prepare by staffing customer service with our regular team plus extra staff who can step in if necessary. In the past year, we have recruited more customer service employees and invested heavily in further training of existing staff, and at the same time we take part in information and offers to be able to respond quickly to inquiries.

– We focus a lot on the communication with other departments: if there are any unforeseen events, we want to be close to our customers. We are ready to meet our customers Monday-Friday 7 am-7pm.

High volumes at the warehouse

Joe Tondo, Warehouse Manager at Nicokick is equally prepared.
– We will keep tabs as always the weekend after Thanksgiving and we will bring people in to help us out Sunday to start baling out. The biggest issue is getting all orders out Monday and high volumes will likely go into Tuesday.

Tips from Joe

  • To make sure your order is shipped before thanksgiving – place your order Wednesday at the latest.
  • Orders placed during thanksgiving will be shipped on the 29th.

– We have dealt with high volumes before and always found a way to hustle through!