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This is a page where you can learn everything you need to know about nicotine pouches and our other nicotine products. What is a nicotine pouch? What is nicotine? How do I use the products?

Knowledge is everything, and we want to share everything we know with you.

what are nicotine poucheswhat are nicotine pouches


A perfect combination between revolutionary ideas and the best of the traditional Swedish snus. Less moisture, soft fit, discrete – but still delivers a fresh flavor and a great nicokick.
other products other products


These tobacco derived nicotine products come in different forms and shapes. Everything from toothpicks to chew.
how do I use nicotine poucheshow do I use nicotine pouches


If you're using a pouch, it's a good thing to put it in the right place. Click here to learn more about how to use nicotine pouches.
Nicotine pouches and swedish snusNicotine pouches and swedish snus


What's the major difference between Nicotine Pouches and Swedish snus? They both contain nicotine, but...
nicotine strengthsnicotine strengths


Strenght scale 1-5; where 1 equals less intense and 5 equals the highest nicotine strength. But how much nicotine do the different levels contain?
What is Nicotine and nicotine saltWhat is Nicotine and nicotine salt


The terms nicotine salts, nic salt, salt nic, or salt nicotine all mean the same thing. It’s not the salt you put in your food, and it does not mean it will make your pouch salty.
all white and toacco freeall white and toacco free


An all white product is mentioned a lot in the smokeless industry, what does it really mean?
Flavors of nicotine pouchesFlavors of nicotine pouches


Do you like your products salty, sweet, sour, minty or just a mild herbal flavor? Learn more about the different flavors here.


Here we have gathered the most common questions our colleagues at customer service are getting right now.

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What is your response to the COVID-19 situation?

We are monitoring the situation carefully, and following guidelines from the World Health Organisation and the government. So far, we are able to continue operating as normal, and you are able to continue placing orders as normal. This page will be updated if the situation changes.

How will COVID-19 affect my orders?

You are still able to place orders from the website as normal, and they will be packaged and shipped normally. All US orders are shipped from within the United States, but due to the developing situation there may be unforeseen delays in shipping, so normal shipping estimates may not apply.

Known Issues

There are currently shipping delays being reported in across the US, particularly in the west and south-west. Delays to shipping should be expected.

contact_support Order Questions

Order Questions

Why can't I see my order in my account?

If you have placed an order and now you can’t find it in your customer account, it means that you were not logged in to your account during the order process. Please always make sure to log in to your account before you place an order. That way you will be able to follow the status of your order.

Can I add an existing order to a customer account afterwards?

If you placed an order without logging in to a customer account, it is unfortunately not possible to link your order to an account afterwards. We recommend to place all your orders through a customer account so that you can follow the status of your order. You can create a customer account by pressing "sign up" in the top right corner at our start page.

Can I cancel my order?

As soon as we receive your payment, your order is being processed. Please contact our customer service as soon as possible if you wish to cancel an order and we will try to stop the processing before the order leaves our warehouse.

Can I change the products in my order?

Once an order is in our system, the selected products cannot be changed manually afterwards. If you ordered a wrong product by accident, please contact our customer service – in case your order has not left our warehouse, we can cancel your order for you so you can place a new one with the right products.

My order status says “complete” – what does that mean?

The order status "complete" confirms that all products included in your order have left our warehouses and are currently being shipped to your address.

Why does the total amount for my order change when I go to the checkout?

The prices on our site are base prices. The total amount of your order (including all costs like taxes and shipping) is displayed at the checkout once you fill in your address details. You can of course see the total amount before you proceed with your payment.

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How old do I have to be to buy nicotine pouches?

In order to buy nicotine products from Nicokick you must be 21+ years old. We take the issue of underage usage extremely seriously, which is why we require all new visitors with a strict age verification before placing an order on Nicokick

Shipping Methods

All orders are shipped with UPS and includes tracking. All options except UPS Surepost require a signature on delivery. For APO, DPO and FPO orders, choose United States and set the state to your Armed Forces location in the state dropdown list. All orders to US military addresses must be sent with UPS Surepost.

contact_support Payment Questions

Payment Questions

Which payment options do you offer?

Stripe and Paypal for US customers.

When do I have to pay for my order?

Payments on the site are instant. When selecting Paypal you will be redirected to their site to make your payment. Payments through Stripe are done directly in the checkout. Please keep in mind that your order will be processed and shipped once the payment has reached us.

contact_support Delivery Questions

Delivery Questions

Why can't I see my order in my account?

If you have placed an order and now you can’t find it in your customer account, it means that you were not logged in to your account during the order process. Please always make sure to log in to your account before you place an order. That way you will be able to follow the status of your order and benefit from our membership discounts. Click here to see our membership options to always get the best deals.

Where is my order?

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Can I track my order?

It depends on which shipping alternative you choose when placing your order. Read more about different shipping alternatives here. If you have a customer account, you can check the status of your order from the moment you place it until it leaves our warehouse in your account information.

contact_support Return & Reclamation Questions

Return & Reclamation Questions

Can I return my order if I regret my purchase?

Due to Nicokick's products are fresh we can unfortunately not accept returns.

I've received the wrong product, what can I do?

If there is an issue with your received order or if you have received any faulty items, please contact our customer support team as soon as possible. Make sure to keep the products, packaging and shipping documents intact during the claims period. Please note that you need to report any issues with an order within two months of the purchase date.

Where is my order confirmation?

If you have placed an order and you have not received a confirmation, this may have happened - Wrong email address - The confirmation message is in the spam folder. Please contact our customer support so we can see if an order has been made or not, so we can try to avoid unnecessary double orders.

contact_support Question about Nicotine Pouches

Questions about Nicotine Pouches

What's the difference between Nicotine pouches and Swedish snus?

The major difference is that Nicotine pouches are tobacco free, and Swedish snus is not. Tobacco is the base ingredient in Swedish snus and nicotine occurs in the tobacco leaves in a range of 0.5 to 7.5% depending on variety. In Nicotine pouches the nicotine is extracted from the plant and crystalized into nicotine salt, but the plant itself is excluded. This means that they are completely tobacco free, the products contain no tobacco plant matter (e.g., leaf, root) in any form.

Another difference is that Nicotine pouches usually come in an all-white format, so they do not stain your teeth like snus may do.

What different strengths are there?

From a scale of 1 - 5, where 1 equals less nicotine (2mg/g) and 5 equals the highest nicotine strength (15+mg/g) we offer products from 1-4.

What do the different strengths mean?

You will see a strength bar under more information on each product page. You also have the option to filter all products based on strength scale under all categories. The numbers or filled dots indicate the strength level of the product/s. The levels are between 1 and 5. Below we have specified the different Nicokick levels you can choose from. If you haven’t used nicotine before we advise you to stay in the bottom range to start with. 1 = Less nicotine 2 = Normal 3 = Strong 4 = Extra Strong 5 = Super Strong

My favorite nicotine pouch is out of stock, which one can I order instead?

If your favorite product is out of stock, we've created a "compare option" where you simply can add different products and compare them with each other. You'll find the compare option at the bottom of each product to the right. Do you still have questions about which product to choose? Don't hesitate to contact our customer support.

Do nicotine pouches need to be refrigerated?

Nicotine Pouches should be stored in its original package at room temperature in a dry and well-ventilated room. There is no need for refrigeration.

Can I use Nicotine Pouches while pregnant or nursing?

Women should avoid use of Nicotine Pouches or any intake of nicotine when pregnant or nursing.

What is the extra compartment for?

The extra compartment is for the disposal of the used nicotine pouches.

Is it safe to swallow a nicotine pouch?

No it’s not safe to swallow a nicotine pouch. Discard of your used pouch in the extra compartment on the can, or in a trash can.

How long does the product stay fresh?

Nicotine pouches has a shelf life of up to 16 months.

How do I use nicotine pouches?

Take a pouch and place it between your gum and lip. You can gently chew on the pouch in order to release additional flavor. Keep it in for 20 minutes or as long as you enjoy the pouch.

Can I swallow the juice?

There is no problem in swallowing the nicotine pouch juice.

How old do I have to be to buy nicotine pouches?

In order to buy nicotine products from Nicokick you must be 21+ years old. We take the issue of underage usage extremely seriously, which is why we require all new visitors with a strict age verification before placing an order on Nicokick

contact_supportHow long do Nicotine Pouches last?

How long do Nicotine Pouches last?

If you’re looking for a convenient, discreet and tobacco-free way to enjoy nicotine, a nicotine pouch is the right option for you.

A nicotine pouch is made up of a unique blend of fibers, chewing gum fillers, delicious flavorings and nicotine. While the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant, zero traces of tobacco remain in the pouch, making it 100% tobacco-free.

How Long Does a Nicotine Pouch Last?

A single nicotine pouch can be used for up to 60 minutes, depending on your preferences. Simply place the pouch between your lip and gums to get your kick of nicotine. To release additional flavor, gently chew on the pouch and savor the tingling sensation. Whether you are in the car, out with friends or relaxing at home, you can enjoy nicotine pouches anywhere, anytime.

Try Our Easy, Hassle-Free Pouches!

In addition to nicotine pouches, Nicokick offers a variety of tobacco-free nicotine products including gum, mints, chew and toothpicks. To learn more, browse our selection here. Ordering online is simple, shipping is quick and easy, and our customer service team can help with any questions you may have.